Supply Chain Technology

Backbone of our Enterprise

We run our operations on the FarmSetu Supply Chain Stack. It enables us to scale efficiently, maintain end-to-end visibility, drive transparency, productivity and profitability. Rahee benefits from real-time data management, better risk management, greater decision support and faster response time to volatile demand and supply situations.

Key Elements of our Technology


  • A simple QR code-based label to affix on each seed carton

  • Time-stamped, geo-tagged and real-time visibility of the seeds’ journey

  • An on-demand, end-to-end visibility of our supply chain 24/7

  • Connecting seed growers and end-consumers with trust, transparency and credibility

Farm Digitisation

  • Helps us monitor plot-level input costs and revenues with high-level plot budgeting

  • Benefit from plot-level weather data and weather-based pest & disease advisories.

  • Log time-stamped and geo-tagged operations and observations as per our package of practices.

Actionable Advisory

  • Improves our farmers' awareness with curated, actionable and knowledge-based content.

  • Benefit from the long experience of subject matter experts.

  • Allows us to choose diverse content formats like text, audio and video.

Skill-based training

  • We upskill our farmers and staff with short, practical and skill-based training.

  • These courses are designed and curated by recognised subject matter experts.

  • Instant assessments and results help understand competency levels in real-time.

Enterprise Software

Our enterprise software helps us scale efficiently by improving workforce productivity. This includes:

  • Tools for business emails, document storage and sharing and meeting calendars

  • Enterprise tools for sales and customer management, training and project management

  • Tools for data discovery, business intelligence and dashboarding